Monday, September 04, 2006

A preamble, of sorts

This is to be an electronic love letter to the Michigan independent music scene, circa 2006, forged out of appreciation and adoration of the groups, people, places and songs that have made it what it is.

For what it’s worth, the seeds that yielded Haircuts and Jackets are hundreds of one-inch-button-depictions of the Mitten State, clearly the coolest looking of the fifty states. Picking one up at what may or may not be the final backyard anti-bacchanalia known as Madisonfest, I realized that the most important thing about Michigan music is that the only locale it’s tied to is the state itself. There’s no one city producing great music, it’s several cities, some not even cities at all. It’s not only Detroit or Ann Arbor or Flint, it’s Mount Pleasant and Livonia, Ferndale and Fenton.

Alec Jensen at Madison Fest

Great Lakes Myth Society at Madison Fest

Zach Curd at Madison Fest

Midwesterners are often praised for their humility and down-to-earth demeanors, and this is reflected in the state’s music. You can see it in the collective spirit of bands like Anathallo, Canada or The Mighty Narwhale, whose membership numbers cancel out any possibility for egotistical posturing from their members. You can hear it in the everyman observations of The Pop Project. You can feel it from The Hard Lessons, who project stone-cold cool from the stage but remain inconceivably friendly and approachable off it.

Canada vs. Mason Proper at Ann Arbor Ear Fair, July 2006

The Hard Lessons at Mac's Bar, July 2006

Javelins at The Magic Stick, August 2006

I was watching Javelins at a disappointingly-empty Magic Stick when I leaned over to my partner in concert-going, Annie Moss, and told her we needed to start a blog about this stuff. Annie had been taking pictures of her latest musical discoveries all summer while I was writing about similar experiences in the pages of The State News. It was decided we should combine our efforts into something that could communicate the greatness of what was happening right down the road — or highway — from where we lived.

Just Haircuts and Jackets is that something.

Canada at Mac's Bar, June 2006

Mason Proper at The Blind Pig, July 2006

Mason Proper at Ann Arbor Ear Fair, July 2006

Joiya at Small's, August 2006

Canada at The Lager House, August 2006

All apologies for the pretension (it’s possible it might get worse),
Erik Adams


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