Saturday, May 05, 2007

May Calendar

Erik's busy putting on his cap and gown, so I'm posting the calendar this month. Apologies- no cute and clever references about May. All I've got is:

As always, please leave a comment with any info we may have missed.
annie m.

May 5
-The Gentleman Callers, Horse Cave Trio, Rusty Thimbles at Juke's Bar in Grand Rapids
-The Low Hello at The Replay Entertainment Exchange in Lansing
-Kelly Jean Caldwell, The Willowz at The Bohemian National Home in Detroit
-Virgil Walters at The Power Center in Ann Arbor

May 6
-The Mighty Narwhale at The Elbow Room in Ypsi
-Mason Proper at Art in the Loft in Alpena

May 9
-Sari Brown, Evan Bicker Williams, Joshua Marcus at the Dreamland Theater in Ypsi
-Kelly Jean Caldwell, Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers at The Magic Stick in Detroit

May 10
-Jeremy Vallender, The Avery Set at The Red Eye Café in Saginaw

May 11
-The Novel Citizen, Vankles and The Pedestrians at the RHS Variety Show in Rochester Hills
-Sink With Me, Anchors For Reality, Remembering Yesterday, Hollowpoint, Strength In Numbers, Not Another Hero at Blingerz in Quincy
- Kyle White, The Antivillans, The Epitomes, Todd Deatherage at Andrew's Bar Art Show in Ypsi

May 12
-Electric Six at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit
-Nomo at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
-The Gentleman Callers at Wolverine Gun Club in St. Charles
-Jes Kramer, Julie Belle, Pistolbrides at DAAC in Grand Rapids
-Sink With Me, Dryvel, Incarta at The Rock Spot in Lansing

May 15
-Javelins, The Silent Years, Fields at The Lager House in Detroit

May 17
-Freer, Sidharttha, The Questions, The Go at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor

May 18
-El Boxeo, Natural Monuments, Syscrusher, The Low Hello at Mac's Bar in Lansing
-SikSik Nation at The Lager House in Detroit
-The Royal Affairs at The Belmont in Hamtramck
- empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) at Dawn of a New Day Café in Saginaw

May 19
-The Hard Lessons at Short's Brewery in Bellaire
-Terrible Twos, Reptile Forcefeild, and Carjack at The Lager House in Detroit
-The Singles, Extra Blue Kind, The Lessmores at Jacoby's in Detroit
-Son and Heir, Jes Kramer, Emma at a house show in Ann Arbor
-Jacets at The Shelter in Detroit

May 21
-Mason Proper, Three More Shallows, empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), Clublight at Mac's Bar in Lansing

May 25
-The Mighty Narwhale, Deep Sea Creatures at Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo
-The High Strung (CD Release Show), The Henchmen, Mano y Mano at The Lager House in Detroit
-Sycamore Smith, Hell Town Trio, Tommy Kilometer at Peter White Library in Marquette
-Sari Brown, Andru Bemis, Bailey Cook at Eagle Street Theater in South Haven

May 26
-The High Strung at the Canton Cup Soccer Tournament in Canton
-Matt Jones at The Crazy Wisdom Tea Room in Ann Arbor
-The Novel Citizen, Prussia , The Vankles, and Brandon Grenier at Rochester College in Rochester Hills
-Onett, Head and Toe, Ben and Bruno, Beilby's Ball at Scene Metrospace in East Lansing
-Sycamore Smith at Stucko's in Marquette
-The Singles at the Chelsea District Library in Chelsea
-Charlie Slick, Car Jack, Jaye Thomas at Jacoby's in Detroit
-Jes Kramer at The Farmhouse in New Boston

May 27
-Charlie Slick, Syscrusher at Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo

May 29
-Black Wizardz, Jes Kramer at Diamond Star House in Kalamazoo

May 30
-Canada, Frontier Ruckus, Pelle Carlberg
-Sari Brown at Zingerman's Roadhouse in Ann Arbor

May 31
-Chris Bathgate, Wilamena, Gentalmen Callers, Arthur Autumn at Mac's Bar in Lansing
-Emily Bate, Jes Kramer at Four Friends Coffee House in Grand Rapids
-The Low Hellow, Beaten By Yuri, Belflur, Deleted Scenes at Corktown Tavern in Detroit


Blogger DetroitBazaar said...

Was just browsing online and found your page. As a Michigan resident and music lover I enjoyed reading through your posts. I have a local blog myself and will be adding a link to your page right now. Hopefully you'll enjoy my page and add a link to me as well. Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
SPC of DetroitBazaar

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Jes said...

May 11 at the DAAC in GR
Victor! Fix the sun
son and heir
the sleep tils

5:41 PM  
Anonymous sunil said...

thanks for the listings! hope to see you at one of the shows!

1:33 PM  

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