Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Perhapsy and The Epitomes at The Blind Pig, 2/6/07

Full disclosure: My brother plays guitar in a band called The Epitomes (pronounced Ep-i-tohms, har har). I've seen them play a goodly amount of times, but I've never thought to write about them in JHaJ because, well, it just wouldn't be fair. Sure, this blog is all about pushing all things positive in Michigan music, but obviously I'm pretty biased, so even putting them on the gig calendar this month made my journalistic guts squirm. I could just hear the poo-poos being hurled at me from all corners of the Internet.

But then The Epitomes played a showcase at The Blind Pig, and I felt much better about wanting to include them. Because even if I wasn't related to one of its members, I would have been floored by this quartet, not a one of whom is of drinking age.

If you like your independent rock and roll on the epic side with a fresh jolt of stage energy, give The Tomes (as I affectionately refer to them) a try.

There's some pictures of the set on their MySpace, taken by my friend — and Epitomes superfriend — Michelle.

I'm not exactly sure what Perhapsy had to showcase, seeing as they've already got another gig at The Pig lined up for Feb. 15, but I wasn't about to miss a chance to drown in their sound … for free! Like most of the post rock I've seen live (or post cereal rock and roll, if you prefer), I find the best part of Perhapsy's performance to be grabbing on to one particular part, and letting it weave me threw the rest of the song, before another part grabs my attention. I don't know if this is what I should be doing, but I enjoy the opportunity to get inside something musical and being able to take advantage of everything that's there.

Not to mention the instrumental aptitude which they display. Tapping patterns and time signatures that 85 percent of the population (myself included) will never be able to decode.

The Epitomes
Upcoming Michigan Shows
Feb. 26 — Mac's Bar in Lansing with Down By Fire, Ender and Asphodel Fields

Upcoming Michigan Shows
Feb. 13 — Mac's Bar in Lansing with Pattern is Movement
Feb. 15 — The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor with My Dear Disco
Feb. 17 — The Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor with Canada, Light Switch Decision and Shark Sandwhich
Feb. 21 — The Taproom Annex in Ypsi


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