Thursday, June 21, 2007

things to be excited about

I’ve frequently acknowledged that my favorite concerts are those of the small and intimate variety. I like being able to stand at the edge of the stage, singing (ok SCREAMING) along with the band and cheering my heart out when I hear live music. So when I started to hear rumblings along the MI-music rumor mill about a new Lansing neighborhood music venue, I was intrigued. By day, The Replay Entertainment Exchange is just what the name entails- trade old DVDs/CDs/Comics in for credit towards new forms of similar entertainment. By night, they open up a decently sized back-room venue for local and touring bands. I caught Child Bite and Sink With me at Replay last week, and I had a very enjoyable evening. The sound was quite decent (if not a LITTLE too loud…but the very kind Replay staff had ear plugs on sale! 50 cents might just save my ears yet…), there was plenty of audience space, AND they had film clips silently projected on the wall behind the bands. Let me tell you, watching Leave it To Beaver silently rolling behind Sink With Me was pretty kick-ass. Replay has nearly 5 shows a week booked through the summer, so this is a place to keep your eyes on. Not only an exciting venue for Capitol City locals, Replay boasts a couple of great summer lineups that are worth a little travel to mid-Michigan!

Replay Entertainment Exchange

The Neutral Zone’s doin’ something new! Check it:


June 6, 2007 (Ann Arbor, Michigan) –Blind Pig beware, there’s a new kid in town. While the Neutral Zone has been giving teen bands the opportunity to perform on a real stage for years, thanks to their recent move, the teens are reinventing their venue to unveil The B-Side, a 400 plus capacity all ages concert space in the heart of downtown. Like other all-ages venues around the country, The B-Side will reach out to booking agents and touring bands in hopes of becoming a regular stop for artists like Ian McKaye (The Evens/Fugazi) or Brother Ali (Rhymesayers), who are known for playing to all ages crowds. Teen performers will still have plenty of opportunities to play at the B-Side, and there will always be an opening spot reserved for youngsters when touring acts are headlining.
For more info and a complete schedule of upcoming shows, check out”

Who has a plethora of seasonally themed, house’n’chimney clad buttons, and dressed as a SubSprawl cheerleader for Halloween?
It’s no secret that JHaJ LOVES Livonia based record label, Suburban Sprawl Music. Which justifies our geeked-out excitement for the upcoming Suburban Sprawl Summer Showcase ’07. 8 SubSprawl affiliated bands will split a two night bill in the Ann Arbor area next weekend. This is an event you don’t want to miss. Major details on the bitchin’ poster below, but check out SubSprawl’s myspace or website for more info.

Annie Moss


Blogger Brandon said...

Really great show at the Elbow Room on Monday to be excited about, also.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Now that's just good ol' music news coverage. Thanks Annie!

1:46 PM  
Blogger Jeff Schroeder said...

Nice post. Very informative. I'll have to check out that replay place.

9:55 PM  

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