Thursday, August 02, 2007

People outside the state are listening too!

Here's a lovely little mention of Chris Bathgate on the Best Week Ever blog that links to an even more enthusiastic piece in Nine Bullets, (which also contains a comment pointing readers in the direction of Matt Jones' MySpace). In addition to being oh so meta, it's just further proof that thanks to the Internet, the good music of the Great Lakes State is grabbing listeners' ears in the other 49 (even if those jokesters at VH1 didn't read the original post long enough to figure out that A Cork Tale Wake is the new Bathgate record).

Thanks to Brandon for bringing this to our attention.

PS Look ma, I'm blogging again!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to know how many times erik has used some version of the phrase, "look ma! i'm blogging!"
(xoxo, annie m ;)

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny. I've been reading Michelle Collins's blof for years ( I stopped reading with regularity when she went over to the Best Week Ever blog because stopped writing regularly. She's hilarious. At any rate, it's really cool to see two worlds collide that I never thought would.


10:12 AM  

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