Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oct. Show Calendar

Hey, Jack O' Lantern windsock, are you ready to rock?
Only if there's a steady breeze, Erik!

So here's the first of what I hope is many many long posts about all the shows in the coming month. I'm usually going to put this up the first of every month, but I'm going to Cedar Point tomorrow, so it's going up a day early, because if you're not early, you're not on time (or something to that effect).

Oct. shows

Oct. 1 — Chris Bathgate, Chad Williams @ The Old Town in Ann Arbor
Oct. 4 — Chris Bathgate @ The Natatorium in Ann Arbor
Oct. 5 — Annie Palmer, Murder Mystery @ The Berkley Front in Berkley
Oct. 6 — Zoos of Berlin, Stills of Japan, Siksik Nation, Dirtylovebites @ The Magic Stick in Detroit (18+)
Oct. 6 — NOMO, Toolbox, Mark Kirschenmann @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor (18+)
Oct. 6 — Great Lakes Myth Society, Chris Bathgate @ 231 House of Muses in Marquette
Oct. 6 — Those Transatlantics, Natural Monuments @ Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant (18+)
Oct. 6 — The Hard Lessons @ U-Club in the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor
Oct. 7 — Great Lakes Myth Society, Chris Bathgate @ Michigan Technological University in Houghton
Oct. 7 — The Barking Tuna Festival @ The State Theater in Kalamazoo with Canada, Spank Rock, RJD2
Oct. 7 — Lone Wolf and Cub, The Wellness Plan, On Blitzen, The Outfit, Almost Crimes @ The Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor
Oct. 7 — The Hard Lessons, Island View Drive @ Darkhorse Brewing Company in Marshall
Oct. 7 — Child Bite, Stationary Odyssey, Water Thieves @ The A.C. Rich Building in Pontiac
Oct. 11 — Annie Palmer, Mandarin Dynasty and DeerTick @ Dreamland Theatre in Ypsi
Oct. 12 — The High Strung opening for Tilly and the Wall @ The Magic Stick in Detroit
Oct. 13 — Rescue, Ancourage, I Became the Sky and more @ Dawn of a New Day Cafe in Saginaw
Oct. 13 — New Grenada, Matadors of Shame @ The Temple Club in Lansing
Oct. 13 — Zoos of Berlin, A Stitch-Up and Dial 81 @ Berkley Front in Berkley
Oct. 14 — Lone Wolf and Cub, Rescue and more @ The Litter Box in Lansing (contact bands for address)
Oct. 14 — That’s Him! That’s The Guy! (maybe just David), Our Brother the Native, Hot Tapes @ (scene) Metrospace in East Lansing
Oct. 15 — Rescue, Sah, Hornet, Spit For Athena @ Kraftbrau Brewery in Kalamazoo (18+ unless accompanied by parent or guardian says the MySpace)
Oct. 16 — Rescue, The Beatings, The Phage, Shadiamond Le Freedom @ The Belmont
Oct. 17 — Frontier Ruckus opening for Dame Satan @ The Lager House in Detroit
Oct. 18 — Brandon Wiard and The Saviors, The Singles, The Dardanelles @ The Elbow Room in Ypsi
Oct. 19 — Brandon Wiard and The Saviors, The Receiver @ Corktown Tavern in Detroit
Oct. 19 — Mason Proper opening for The Appleseed Cast @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
Oct. 19 — The Hard Lessons, Island View Drive @ Albion Coffee House in Albion
Oct. 20 — We Rock, You Decide @ The Temple Club in Lansing with Mason Proper, The Decks, The Satin Peaches, Frontier Ruckus and many, many more
Oct. 21 — Brandon Wiard and The Saviors @ SOMEWHERE IN ANN ARBOR (contact band for more info)
Oct. 21 — The Hard Lessons, Island View Drive, Tips, Vega, Monte, Fenn, My Friend Rudra, Fuller and more @ The Hartland Center for the Performing Arts in Hartland
Oct. 21 — Arbour Fest 3 @ Arbor Vitae in Ann Arbor with Canada, Chris Bathgate, Frontier Ruckus, Virgil Waters, Elms for Arms, Ronen Goldstein, Alex Belhaj, The Dardenelles, Orpheum Bell, Misty Lyn
Oct. 26 — The Pop Project, Lazy Sunday @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor (18+)
Oct. 27 — Brandon Wiard (solo) @ The Tap Room Annex in Ypsi
Oct. 27 — Great Lakes Myth Society, Starling Electric (“Clouded Staircase” CD release), and The Satin Peaches @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor (18+)
Oct. 27 — Mason Proper, The Mighty Narwhale and Johnny Headband @ The Halfass in Ann Arbor
Oct. 28 — THE HALLOWEEN BANG! @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor (18+)
Oct. 28 — Zombie Dance Party @ The Magic Stick in Detroit with Troy Gregory and the Zambees, Imposters of the Deep Society, Great Lakes Myth Society and more!
Oct. 29 — Fall Fest @ Kalamazoo College with Natural Monuments and more TBA!
Oct. 29 — The Silent Years (CD release/Halloween party) @ Gracie’s Underground in Ferndale
Oct. 31 — Those Transatlantics, Child Bite @ Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant (18+)

Yeah, so that's pretty much a show a day for the whole month (with the exception of the period between Oct. 22 and Oct. 25, which I belive is around the time of midterms at MSU. I say I believe because I am an excellent and informed student). Oct. 6 is the most popular day, so good luck making up your minds if you're not already going to see Wilco in East Lansing.

This is going to be an excellent month for shows, and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces at many of them.

PS If you know of a show that's not on the list and should be, leave a comment, and I'll either add it in or make a separate post about it.


Anonymous poly c said...

may i just tell you that i am so glad this blog exists? being an ann arbor newcomer, this is just the helpful show schedule i was looking for. word. thanks!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

three you forgot, off the top of my head:

thursday october 19 - His Name Is Alive and probably another band or two, at the Gallery Project on S. Fourth Ave in Ann Arbor (don't know exact address, sorry)

monday october 23 - patrick elkins, thanksgiving, lake @ corn dog on n. river st in ypsilanti (thanksgiving and lake on tour)

sunday october 29 - pat elkins, lord of the yum yum (chicago) - betsy's house on catherine street in ann arbor (again, don't know exact address, but if you look on LOTYY's website you'll surely be able to find it)

11:28 PM  

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