Saturday, October 28, 2006

Horror at the Halfass w/ The Mighty Narwhale, Mason Proper and Johnny Headband

I missed 2/3 of this show...which really sucks because from what I heard, there were lots of fun Halloween surprises including a scary cover of "Monster Mash" (The Mighty Narwhale) and a Visgerian vampire attack (Mason Proper).

However, I did make it to the Halfass (a really enjoyable venue by the way) in time to see Johnny Headband. Let me simply say this: there were synchronized dance moves, and one of the brothers broke into interpretive dance in the middle of the audience. It was amazing. Go to their website and watch a music video. It will do the band more justice than my words ever will.

The Mighty Narwhale
Upcoming MI Shows
Nov. 6- Rockstar Cafe, Kalamazoo w/ Ghost Mice, Matty Popchart!
Dec. 9- The Break Room, Grand Rapids w/ Winnie Cooper, Bear Hugs

Mason Proper
Upcoming MI Shows
Nov. 30- The Intersection, Grand Rapids w/ Tokyo Police Club
Dec. 1- Saucy Dogs, Jonesville

Johnny Headband
Upcoming MI Shows
Nov. 17- Magic Bag, Ferndale w/ The Paybacks, SSM
Nov. 24- Kraftbrau, Kalamazoo w/ The Hard Lessons
Dec. 16- Magic Stick, Detroit CD RELEASE PARTY!


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