Friday, October 20, 2006

Ancourage and Mason Proper opening for The Appleseed Cast at the Blind Pig 10/19/06

Ancourage played a good opening set, although they seemed to be a little nervous playing in front of the large-ish Blind Pig audience. I'm anxious to see them play again though, they had a pretty decent sound.


New Songs = so exciting (I'm ready to hear "Moth Redux" but REALLY excited for their sophomore album, hopefully coming out sometime next year on their new label, Dovecote Records).
New Drummer = fits right into the oblong Mason Proper mold.

The first time I saw Mason Proper perform, I fell hard and fast. The performance energy this band emits is electrifying; you simply cannot take your eyes off these guys when they are playing and thrashing around the stage. Their songs are addicting, the lyrics ranging from unexplainable and bizarre to existentially beautiful. And on top of being incredibly talented and hardworking musicians, Mason Proper is a group of really great people.

I am, obviously, fond of all the bands I chose to support. However, Mason Proper has a very special place in my mitten-shaped heart. Go listen to their music, see them perform. I promise it will be worth your time; you'll probably adopt them as your new favorite band.


Mason Proper

Upcoming Michigan Shows:
Oct. 20- We Rock: You Decide! at Oades Hidden Camel in Lansing w/ The Satin Peaches, Frontier Ruckus, The Pantones and many more
Oct. 27- ALL AGES HORROR at The Halfass in Ann Arbor w/ Johnny Headband and Mighty Narwhale.
Nov. 30- The Intersection in Grand Rapids w/ Tokyo Police Club
Dec. 1- Saucy Dogs in Jonesville

Annie (I'm not a writer!) Moss


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