Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Child Bite at The A.C. Rich Building in Pontiac, 10/7/06

Don't let this candid pre-set shot of Child Bite fool you. If you're heading out to see the finest fuzzed-out punk freakshow in the Sub Sprawl canon, know the possibility exists for all of the following visuals:

a)short shorts

b)papier mâché-headed mascots that appear to be refugees from a Bizarro World version of America's Thanksgiving Day Parade (PS That's the best picture I could find of what has always been my favorite part of said parade)

c)dude butt (it's not in this picture, but if that cyclops turned around, you'd see it)

Weird is very hard to do in the realm of rock — it's difficult to be a little zany and fun while still giving people a reason to listen besides being zany and fun. Through the whole Child Bite set at the A.C. Rich on Saturday, I kept having flashbacks to a very early video of Devo that I've seen where the band is wearing monkey masks and playing some very dense and clearly improvised synth-noise.

I wouldn't toss off a Devo comparison, which is to say the Child Bite set was way better than that grainy primate footage.

I've used to many synonyms for the word "weird" a lot in this post, and I like Child Bite way too much to portray them as just "that weird band." They may sound like "the minituarization scene from Innerspace" but they'll make you shake like you'd never thought you'd shake before (or after or during).

I'd also like to give a shout-out to The A.C. Rich Building for being the first venue that has ever made me think "I wish I lived here." Also for providing a delicious, delicious keg.

Child Bite
Web site

Upcoming Michigan Shows:
Oct. 31 — Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant with Those Transatlantics
Nov. 18 — Somewhere in Royal Oak with Man At Arms, Abner Trio
Nov. 20 — The Lager House in Detroit with Thunderbirds Are Now!, Lee Marvin Computer Arm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realize CB was a four-piece. Who's the second guitarist?

Also, since this is a MI music blog, you could make some mention of the wonderful new record released by Benoit Pioulard. On Kranky, no less.

4:29 AM  
Blogger Just Haircuts and Jackets said...

I’m on it. I love Benoit Pioulard. (I also knew Tom Meluch when we were in high school and when he played with the Sexual Pantalones. He's incredible).
Thanks for the suggestion!
annie moss

7:58 AM  

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