Monday, December 18, 2006

December/January Show Calendar and more

-My my it's been a long time; sorry about that. But we're in full swing now and nothing can stop us (nothing short of another academic onslaught). Here's the combined list of shows for the rest of December plus the first month of 2007!

Dec. 22 — Detroit Sounds and Spirits with Blanche, Thunderbirds Are Now!, The Hard Lessons, Johnny Headband, New Grenada, Sirens, Sunshine Doray, The Go, The Muldoons, Sean Hoen (The Holy Fire), American Mars, Porchsleeper, Tragedians, Jarron Champion Sleeps ‘til Dusk, Marcie and Esquire, Ether Aura, Nightmoves, Windy & Carl at The Magic Stick
Dec. 22 — Chris Bathgate, Eric Kelly, Greg McIntosh at Tap Room Annex in Ypsi
Dec. 23 — Mittenfest featuring Chris Bathgate, Joiya, Frontier Ruckus, Jim Roll, Fred Thomas, Actual Birds, Patrick Elkins, Matt Jones, Misty Lyn, Need Based Paint, Emily Jane Powers, Santa & Rudolph, Karl Sturk, The Victrolas at The Corner Brewery in Ypsi
Dec. 23 — Child Bite, Syscrusher, Abner Trio at Mac’s
Dec. 26 — The Hard Lessons, Great Lakes Myth Society, Child Bite, Stylex at The
Magic Stick
Dec. 27 — Chris Bathgate, Matt Jones, Misty Lyn, Frontier Ruckus on WCBN 88.3 FM in Ann Arbor
Dec. 28 — The Mighty Narwhale, Mavericks & Monarchs, Actual Birds, Bear Hugs at Skelletones
Dec. 30 — Chris Bathgate, Frontier Ruckus, Misty Lyn, Matt Jones at The Blind Pig
Dec. 31 — The Bang! 4th Annual New Year’s Eve Bash at the Blind Pig
Dec. 31 — NOMO, Jamie Register Project at Leopold Bros. in Ann Arbor
Jan. 4 — El Boxeo, Penguins in Antarctica, Holinshed at The Painted Lady in Hamtramck
Jan. 4 — The Dardanelles, The Satin Peaches, Porsches on the Autobahn at The Blind Pig
Jan. 4 — Lone Wold and Cub (LAST SHOW EVER!!!), The Word Play, God and the Architects at The JMAC
Jan. 7 — Annie Palmer, Real Live Tigers, Buster, Almus Magnus at The CornDog in Ypsi
Jan. 9 — Natural Monuments, Travis Kingma Band at
Jan. 11 — Starling Electric, The Silent Years, The Satin Peaches at The Blind Pig
Jan. 12 — Brandon Wiard and the Saviors, The Bitter Inks at Corktown Tavern in Detroit
Jan. 12 — Canada, Great Lakes Myth Society at The Lager House
Jan. 12 — Chris Bathgate, Spitzer Space Telescope and Videotape at The Painted Lady
Jan. 13 — The Pop Project, Syscrusher, New Grenada at The Lager House
Jan. 18 — The Pop Project, Mason Proper, The Satin Peaches at The Blind Pig
Jan. 19 — Frontier Ruckus, The Salt Miners and Misty Lyn at The Halfass
Jan. 20 — The Hard Lessons at The Blind Pig
Jan. 20 — Child Bite, Human Reunion at The Lager House
Jan. 20 — Chris Bathgate, Frontier Ruckus A Story Told at Magdalena’s Tea House
Jan. 26 — Chris Bathgate at Albion Coffee House
Jan. 27 — Brandon Wiard and the Saviors, The Silent Years, Satin Peaches at The Halfass
Jan. 27 – Annie Palmer, Tone and Niche, Todd Deatherage, Perhapsy, The Bitter Inks, The Low Hello, The 77’s at The Elbow Room (art show, too!)
Jan. 27 — Electric Six at The Blind Pig

-If that last-show-ever notice from Lone Wolf and Cub has you feeling down, I would like to point you in the direction of the Jan. 27 show at The Elbow Room, particularly in the direction of Ann Arbor-based Perhapsy. I caught these kids at a local battle of the bands this weekend, and was completely blown away by their sweeping instrumentals. If there’s anyone capable of filling the Lone Wolf-shaped hole that’s going to be left in the Michigan scene on Jan. 4, it’s Perhapsy

-The High Strung have signed to a new label! After getting royally screwed over by Future Farmer Recordings, the band was picked up by Park The Van Records, who will be re-releasing their sophomore disc, 2005’s Moxie Bravo, in February — with four bonus tracks — and their third record, Get the Guests, in May. The band will celebrate the re-launch of Moxie Bravo with a show on Feb. 9 at the Magic Stick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

some additions to your show calendar:

Jan. 6 - Charlie Slick/Patrick Elkins/Odd Clouds/Simonnewcomb at the Elbow Room, Ypsi

Jan. 13 - Tyvek/Pink Reason/more I forget at Painted Lady, Hamtramck (I think)

Jan. 19 - Virgil Walters, Weed, and more TBA - fundraiser show at the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor

Jan. 20 - Charlie Slick / The Pizazz / Mas! / L.S. Banjo at the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor

Jan. 19-21 - Lansing noisefest thing...I don't really know anything about this, but I'm sure there is info somewhere on the internet

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