Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I need to check my Yahoo! Mail more often

from Monday's message to The Hard Lessons mailing list:
"Brothers and Sisters!!!

There is much to report, and the good things keep coming! For now,
like to address our fans living in the United States of America,
specifically those with television sets. On Tuesday, November 14 our
"Wicked Man" will be featured in the show "Friday Night Lights" on NBC.
The song will be used in the background as "Tyra and Billy Riggins talk
the bar planning a party." Absolutely thrilling! We'll be driving to
York, so let us know how it goes."

What? Whoa! Who? Really? On TV? Too weird. I'm totally taping it though ('cuz I'll be in Jackson seeing Lone Wolf and Cub, Child Bite and Zoos of Berlin, yo.

Other news from The Hard Lessons camp:
"Finally, it looks like our next release will be a special 3-Track
featuring a recorded version of our live staple, "Hey Hey, My My" as
as a pull-out poster! We're going to try to get it out in time to stuff
some stockings, but the official party will be December 26 at the Magic
Stick. Special guests TBA!"


Anonymous ian saylor said...

Awwwww, how cute! I remember way back like 8 months ago when uh... hmmm., wait..no actually ...what was I going to say? eh. Nevermind. Anyway, I used to ride my bike to football practice (that show's about football right?) but I didn't play football, or know how or even...want to really..or understand what it was. I had found some shoulder pads in the garage when we moved to town so i put them on and went out for the team. 5th grade. It was scary. Holy shit! I faked a back injury to avoid the actual injury that occured if I didn't sit out with a fake injury. Then I would hop off my bike and roll in the ditch along the ride home so it looked like I'd real been footballing it up. Also The Hard Lessons are people I love and admire.

11:45 PM  
Blogger Brandon said...

Mittenfest. December 23. Ypsilanti. You will not want to miss it. All day. Everyone, everyone in the world sing-along. Details to arise.

11:18 AM  

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