Monday, November 06, 2006

The Recital, Zach Curd, El Boxeo at A.C. Rich in Pontiac

It's a good thing that there are at least a few nerds involved with Suburban Sprawl Music. There wasn't a microphone chord at A.C. Rich on Saturday night, so one was improvised. AND it continued to function throughout the evening (which included being knocked to the ground once or twice, NOT be me this time). I was thoroughly impressed.

Saturday night consisted of:
good people
good music

I've never really spent much time listening to The Recital's recorded material, but I really liked hearing their music live. Quirky and fun.

This was the first time I had seen Zach Curd play with a real piano, and it sounded fantastic. The lower end of the piano was just slightly out of tune, and gave the whole performance a kind of saloon-style sound. Very talented songwriter, brilliant voice.

El Boxeo continues to surprise me with their varying performances. Even without their infamous umbrella dancers, these 3 Livonians kept the energy high and played a great set. I am constantly in awe of the level of musical skill in this band, and they are really exciting to watch perform. I once heard a Canadian introduce El Boxeo during a performance by stating, "I have a crush on every member of this band." I totally have a crush on every member of this band.

Intimate, friendly, cozy, etc. I love nights like that. I DO wish that more people would venture out to A.C.'s such a different experience to see these bands play at smaller venues, and it's an experience worth having. So, next time you see a house show or an A.C. Rich function advertised, make the trip. You'll have a good time.

The Recital
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Zach Curd

El Boxeo
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