Monday, January 29, 2007

Canada, The Satin Peaches, Mick Bassett, Rescue at The Blind Pig, 1/25/07

Another Thursday at the Blind Pig began with diminished expectations but ended in increased returns. Why diminished expectations, you ask? Well, because we thought Rescue would be the night’s penultimate act, but were in fact the first band to play. Having figured our travel time around this incorrect assumption, Annie and I totally missed their set.

We got there as Mick Bassett’s set was starting. I’m sure the dude gets this thrown at him all the time, but … Dylanesque.

Annie said The Satin Peaches were better this time around.

Then came Canada. A request to have the venue’s disco ball spinning during the set may have been inspired by memories of proms past, but this was really a homecoming dance, for it was the Canadians’ first Michigan show in a few months.

Continuing the “Thursday Nights In January” trend, Canada’s set featured a healthy dose of new songs, some set to appear on their next full-length, some set to appear on a split release with Page France.

The most choice of the new songs was a messy little number featuring the heretofore unknown horn skillz of Joe and Amy. I could make a pun about The Canadian Brass here, but I won’t.

Somebody out there in Internetland is going to totally ream me for this, but it was really good to see Canada again. Good to hear old favorites and good to hear songs that threaten to become new favorites. Good that when the sound guy slapped a “10 More Minutes” sign on one of the monitors, they could still squeeze in “Look to the Trees.” We’ve missed you Canada.

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Upcoming Michigan shows
Feb. 2 — The Magic Stick with New Grenada and The Word Play
Feb. 17 — The Neutral Zone with The Wellness Plan

The Satin Peaches
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Upcoming Michigan shows
Feb. 1 — Rubble's in Mt. Pleasant with Camerata
Feb. 2 — Albion College Coffeehouse with The Silent Years and The Never


Blogger Just said...

i'll own up and say IT WAS MY FAULT WE MISSED RESCUE. which SUCKS. BUT they assured me that there would be an april show before they broke up. SO be on the lookout for that.
and, i will say this also (even if it does cause unfriendly comments): IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE CANADA AGAIN. as the band was setting up, i turned to Erik and said, "my heart fills with so much joy when i see those guys up on stage." call me corny, call me dorky, but definitely call me In Love With Canada.
annie moss

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do people really harp on you for loving Canada? They're good people who make fun music in a world where fun music is pushed too far to the side for overly-serious singer/songwriters (okay, I'm in that camp) and confrontational downers.

All I'm saying is, "Eric et Annie, I gotcher backs."




Greg McIntosh

9:02 AM  

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