Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mason Proper, The Satin Peaches and The Pop Project at The Blind Pig, 1/18/07

I think I’m out of touch with the hierarchy of show lineups these days, because for me, the headliners of last Thursday’s show at the Blind Pig were The Pop Project. This is probably because
a) I’ve never seen them live playing their own songs (only the songs of Weezer’s Pinkerton)
b) My anticipation for new material from the soon-to-be-released Stars of Stage and Screen was immense.

Said high expectations were thankfully matched, as the new material was sharp, fresh and worth a few months of waiting. Of course it was excellent to hear a full-band version of “Hearts and Flowers,” but I freaked out just as much about other new additions to the Project’s repertoire like “Not the One,” “Never Got a Break” and “Stand In.” Though many of the new numbers paint a less-than-sunny picture of being in a band, Zach, Dave, Will and Adam’s performance was not as jaded as the lyrical content would imply; how could it be with such peppy hooks?

Also, during “House of Books,” they made everyone hug. And that’s just plain adorable.

The Satin Peaches still haven’t done anything to impress me. They’ve got another chance this Thursday, but their fuzzed-out, effects laden sound isn’t doing anything for me quite yet.

As equally reliant on effects though more compelling was Mason Proper’s set, though it just might have compelled some crowd members to be obnoxious and drunk. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many people drinking straight from a pitcher.

Lead Mason Jonathan Visgr didn’t let screams for him to take his clothes detract anything from his performance, which spanned the spectrum of childlike energy — coyly wrapping himself up in his hoodie or just plain freaking out during some of the knottier instrumental moments in the set.

The Proper can unleash quite the noisy wail when they want to, but there’s more to it than ornamental loudness. “Chemical Dress Eliza” has a shout-along chorus, but it’s got a sllinkily funky groove in the verses, too.

And when the drunkees called for an encore, it was clear who the night belonged to. I may have come to see The Pop Project and Mason Proper, but they knew it was all Mason Proper’s show.


Anonymous Bales said...

I don'tget the Satin Peaches either. Their sound is solid, good gear, good looks, but no songs caught my attention.

The Pop Project writes such good songs...

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Carlinkski said...

The Satin Peaches are pretty sweet for a bunch of 19 year olds...they can only improve...

And ahh...yea the drunkees rule...don't be so derogatory...we have fun whie being music snobs

1:57 PM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

i'm so happy you have joined forces with celestial biscuit. together you guys are the main unifying force in the michigan music world.

11:02 AM  

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