Wednesday, January 31, 2007

February Gig Calendar

Be mine … and take me to see Saturday Looks Good To Me!

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it's not short on Michigan concerts. There's plenty to see and hear, with the biggest buzz being on the weekend of the 23rd, a weekend that holds not only the triumphant return of Saturday Looks Good to Me, but also Keewanawesomefest, the greatest indie rock festival in the history of Houghton.

Dates, comin' at ya!
Feb. 1
—Rescue, Camerata at Rubble’s in Mt. Pleasant
—DJs Richard Pan!c, Grand Master Casimer (of PAS/CAL) and John Headband (Johnny Headband) at The Belmont in Hamtramck

Feb. 2
— Canada, The Word Play and New Grenada at The Magic Stick in Detroit
— El Boxeo, The Kyle Sowashes, Alpine Tanker 11 at Player’s Pub in Adrian
— Great Lakes Myth Society, Mason Proper and Great Fiction (CD release) at the Magic Bag in Ferndale
— Rescue, The Silent Years, The Never at Albion College Coffee House in Albion
— Annie Palmer, Fields of Industry, Red Light Chamber Choir at 310 Olive in Ypsi

Feb. 3
—El Boxeo, The Kyle Sowashes, Segernomics at the JMAC in Jackson
— Great Lakes Myth Society, Empty Orchestra, The Moodie Veto and Kocho Bisexual at The Elbow Room in Ypsi
— The Silent Years, Virgil Waters, The Never, Bear Mountain Picnic at The Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor
— Annie Palmer, Real Live Tigers, Evan Bickler Williamsm, Michel Anne Eriewine at The Island of Children’s Children in Ann Arbor

Feb. 6
— Perhapsy, The Epitomes, Gas For Less, The Pricks at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
— Annie Palmer, Almus Magnus and Real Live Tigers at Fifi’s French Press in Mt. Pleasant

Feb. 9
— The High Strung, Ghost City and The Teeth at The Magic Stick in Detroit
— SayHy Radio Birthday Blowout featuring The Hard Lessons, Bringing Down Broadway, Monte, Tips, Fuller, The Killing Moon, Maxx Rebo, Ender, The Sophomore Year at The Hartland Center for the Performing Arts in Hartland
— That’s Him! That’s The Guy!, The Blades of Grass and Outrageous Cherry at The Halfass in Ann Arbor
— The Singles, Scarlet Oaks and The Horse Rifle at The Lager House in Detroit
— The New Green at The Elbow Roomm in Ypsi

Feb. 13
— Perhapsy and Pattern is Movement at Mac’s Bar in Lansing

Feb. 16
— The Hard Lessons at Albion College Coffeehouse in Albion
— Chris Bathgate, Bear Mountain Picnic, The Metroids at Midwest Lovefest in Ypsi
— The Silent Years at The Lager House in Detroit
— Annie Palmer, Todd Deathrage and Scotty Karate at Corktown Tavern in Detroit

Feb. 17
— Canada, Perhapsy, Light Switch Decision and Shark Sandwich at The Neutral Zone in Ann Arbor
— The Mighty Narwhale, Yip-Yip, Mr. Squid, The Show is a Rainbow at the DAAC in Grand Rapids

Feb. 18
— Zoos of Berlin, The Recital and The Subjects at The Lager House in Detroit

Feb. 23
— Keewanawesomefest, day one, featuring Mason Proper, The Might Narwhale, MC Trashpedal, Annie Palmer, Charlie Slick, Santa and Rudolph, The Mahonies and Anarkinda at The Black Box in Houghton
— Saturday Looks Good To Me (OMG!), Starling Electric and Chris Bathgate at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor
— The Hard Lessons, Frontier Ruckus and Dirt Road Logic at Mac’s Bar in Lansing
— The New Green (acoustic) at The Tap Room Annex in Ypsi

Feb. 24
— Keewanawesomefest, day two, featuring Matt Jones, The Victrolas, Misty Lyn, Arrah and the Ferns, Sycamore Smith, Hell Town Trio, JungleKatAgility, This is Deer Country
— Zoos of Berlin, Scarlet Oaks and I, Crime (CD Release) at National Bohemian Home in Detroit
— The Mighty Narwhale are looking for a show in northern Michigan to pay for gas on their way back from Houghton. Contact them at

Feb. 25
— Camerata and The Never at Mac’s Bar in Lansing

As always, if we've missed a show, feel free to tell us so in a comment and leave all the juicy details with it


Anonymous poly c said...

Feb 3 - Dabenport, Elm From Arm, Chris Bathgate at Arbor Vitae in Ann Arbor

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Bales said...

Feb 24 - Johnny Cash Birthday Bash/ Flatfoot CD release at the Lager House. Flatfoot, Battling Siki, The Salt Miners. Each band will play some Cash covers, plus there'll be a big "Last Waltz" style Cash jam with all the bands at the end.

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sat feb 10 - patrick elkins, boxcars, state, minus 9 @ the neutral zone. benefit for Allied Media Conference. doors at 7 pm, cost is $6.

11:08 PM  

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